First time in UK but not the last !

We can't explain with few words how amazing our first time in UK was !
We met so many kind people, played shows with so many great bands, and we also had any car accident by driving left!
THANKS A LOT TO ALL OF YOU, who helped us, hosted us, fed us, came to the shows !
Cheers to Guerrilla Monsoon, you guys rules !
Also thanks to Kev and Clem, who came with us and made this tour one of the funiest.

Here's few pictures + our Kev's sleeping running joke !

Day 1 / On our way to Paris.

Day 1 / Kev's sleeping at merch table in Paris.

Day 2 / Ferry boat to London, kev's sleeping.

Day 3/ Kev's sleeping in Norwich.

Day 5 / Backline unload, kev's sleeping in Leeds.

Day 6 / Nice place in Birmingham, we took Kev with us to enjoy the view but he was sleeping.

Day 6 / 2am, drunk, Lewis took some pro pictures of us.

Day 7 / Van unloading time in Newport, we had to unload Kev as well.

Day 7 / Kev unloaded in Newport.

Day 8 / Best view from a sleeping place ever, Swansea !

Day 8 / Bringing Kev to sea...

Day 9 / Putting the drum in center of the crowd in Bristol, fun.

Day 10 / Hanging our at the van in front of Amiens' Sombrero.

Day 11 / Last day, goodbye time, Kev seems to be awake, we sleep.
Here's a video of our first UK show (ever) : LONDON !

Next tour in October, mainland europe YO !
Dates to be announced soon.

Bisous bisous !


When Mick left the band in may 2014, we asked Antho from Happening to play with us, here's the first song we wrote the first time we played together !

We also have a new home show added :
18.09.14 - LYON (69) @ Warmaudio with the great The Copyrights (US) and Not Scientist,

Be there !

SOON, UK ! Yo.

Loads of Shows !

The cutest punk rock poster ever, for a lot of shows coming with a lot of great bands such as No Guts No Glory, Trailer Park, Happening, Down By Law, Guerrilla Monsoon, Woahnows, 95C, ... :
(Check SHOWS section for more details!)

13.06.14 - VALENCE (26) @ Mistral Palace
27.06.14 - LYON (69) @ le Trokson
28.06.14 - CHARVIEU (38) @ LokosFest
25.07.14 - NICE (06) @ le Volume
26.07.14 - IMPERIA (IT) @ Arci Camalli
27.07.14 - ? HELP ?
31.07.14 - PARIS (75) @ Café de Paris
01.08.14 - LONDON (UK) @ the Montague Arms
02.08.14 - NORWICH (UK) @ the Owl Sanctuary
03.08.14 - NOTTINGHAM (UK) @ the Chamelion
04.08.14 - LEEDS (UK) @ Santiagos
05.08.14 - BIRMINGHAM (UK) @ Subside
06.08.14 - NEWPORT (UK) @ le Pub
07.08.14 - SWANSEA (UK) @ Mozart
08.08.14 - BRISTOL (UK) @ the Stag and Hounds
09.08.14 - AMIENS (80) @ Sombrero
04.09.14 - SCHAFFHAUSEN (CH) @ Neustadt 52
05.09.14 - LAUSANNE (CH) @ TBC
06.09.14 - TAVANNES (CH) @ Bunker Club
07.09.14 - MACON (71) @ le Saint Antoine

... more to be announced for October & November !


Hey folks !
I'm sure you read all posts in this blog, so you all know that Mick is living the band...
It's sad... but the band keeps going on, Jérémy and I wish him all the best in his futur projects and family !
Our last show with him is gonna happen this month, FRIDAY the 13th in VALENCE, FR with the great No Guts No Glory + Trailer Park !

SO here is the second big news :
We'd like to introduce you Anthony as our new guitarist !
He's young, he's stupid, he plays guitar well, it looks like he is THE man.
He also plays in a band called HAPPENING, go check them out, different style but they're great !

We're already working on new songs !
The last thing but not the least: you can download our first album "Too Young So Old" for free ! (Free donnation actualy, write "0" if you want it for free!).
Here is the link : !


LOTS OF SHOWS ARE COMING, to be announced soon !

Let's call it a video clip

Three months ago we played Le Bourget Du Lac (73) for a student party, they made a video with live footages of us on our song "Drive East" !
Thanks to them, they did our first video clip ever !

Mike's missing.

Hey there !
Sad news today, Mike's leaving the band.
Everything still fine and strong between us, it's just time for him to move ahead and being focus elsewhere.
The band is still going on, we are trying to keep our futur projects on. Mike will be playing his last shows with us on 13th and 14th june !
Here his message, french only, sorry :

"4 ans... c'est à la fois long et tellement court...
ça fait 4 ans qu'on a commencé avec The Traders, au départ c'était juste pour faire la 1ère partie de Dead To Me à Lyon, puis tout s'est enchaîné... si vite...
4 ans après, je ne suis pas peu fier d'avoir fait parti de cette aventure, d'avoir voyagé dans toute l'Europe, en Russie, en Biélorussie, au Canada...
Je ne suis pas peu fier d'avoir partagé ces milliers de bornes, ces sandwichs dégueulasses, ces dodos sur le sol, ces cuites mémorables, ces souvenirs impérissables.

C'est avec beaucoup d'émotion que je vous écris ce soir à vous, mes copains d'aventures rencontrés dans le monde entier, à vous qui êtes venus nous voir en concert. A vous qui nous supportez (dans tous les sens du terme). A vous qui avez pris le temps de nous accueillir, de nous loger, de nous nourrir, de nous offrir de votre précieux temps... et surtout à vous Jérémy et Romain pour toutes ces expériences partagés... Je vous dis simplement MERCI.

The Traders ne s'arrête pas pour autant, la vie a simplement fait son oeuvre...

Aujourd'hui je quitte The Traders pour un tas de raisons personnelles, Romain et Jérémy recherche activement un guitariste, avis aux amateurs, si vous êtes chaud, la place est cool! :)
Au plaisir de se revoir sur la route...

We wish him all the best with his family and his solo project !
He will be missed for sure !

Here's a little video of our show in Annecy (Fr) few months ago.

Salut salut!

"The Party's Over"

We already miss our great tour mates in One Thousand Directions !
Listen to them, show them some love, they deserve it !

Thanks to all the promoters, and all people involved into a show or anything else around that tour (feeding us, hosting us, sharing a beer with us, ...)


Dying Scene !

Great review of "too young so old" on Dying Scene :
"I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who’s still mourning the demise of the Sainte Catherines, digs Glass and Ashes, or really wishes Motorhead was on No Idea."

Leaving on tour tomorow ! BYE !